The New Sangeet Indian Restaurant

The New Sangeet Indian Restaurant Hong Kong

India is a sublime fusion of the west and east, in the most delicate and subtle ways. Richly stepped in tradition yet increadibly  progressive..Where Knowing your heritage is  just as important as opening up to new influences. Thats what makes india  Unique the right mix of tradition and modernatit. Intrestingly in a country that Embraces a 100 diferent languages,cradles thousand of art forms, cultures communities and million of gods. We have always welcomed new influences. And among the art forms that have been so influenced It the ancient art of indian cooking Evolving and absorving constantly.
"THE NEW SANGEET" showcases the finest of indian cuisines in its new AVATAR , Delectable traditional dishes with culinary twist. To add a dash of spice to your
dining Experience

"Indian food has a unique taste, colour, texture, appearance and aroma that appeals to the discerning diner. More importantly, good Indian food can make the difference between a mediocre and an excellent meal. With our qualified chefs who hail from India, The New Sangeet ensures that you will have an authentic Indian gourmet experience".

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Experience Live Indian classic Music from 8:pm - 12 pm Daily.
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Bihari Indian food
Bihari Indian food